Scott Marvel of Teetsy

Scott Marvel started the brand Teetsty a decade ago and his quirky illustrative handiwork has been featured on dozens of beer festival and event t-shirts. You’ve seen him, tucked away in a corner with a clothing rack, portable silk screen rig, and usually a handsome helper or colleague furiously screening away. Scott and his friends collaborate on designs and hand screen them live during these events and if yer lucky, you managed to grab one. Scott, why did you start Teetsy? And why hand screened shirts and posters? I started Teetsy in 2005 as another way to create and get my designs out there.  I work in video, so I think I was longing for a tangible product version of my designs.  At first the posters were hand-screened, but the shirts were made by pros with some heavy gear.  Eventually I started screening everything myself so that I could screen as few or as many of a design when I wanted to without raising money for a huge run of shirts. Lots of events and shows just feature a merchandise table with posters and shirts piled up on them for sale. Why do you produce these items live? And why are they free?! Nothing’s really free.  At the beer events I get to drink, so that’s pretty good payment.  I also like to get the designs out there.  The last event I did, someone came up to me just as I was about to tear everything down and asked that I make him a shirt of the design I was doing because he had all of the “Bridgeport Series” and didn’t want to miss one.  That’s pretty cool.  Also, some friends of mine sent me a photo of a guy wearing one of the shirts at another beer event that I wasn’t at.  It’s great to know these designs are out there. How did you get involved with the craft beer culture and what drew you to this scene? I lived near Hopleaf in Andersonville when it opened and I saw the craft beer wave crest there.  Years later I discovered Maria’s.  I immediately dug Maria’s and Ed and the punk rock nature of the Co Po Sphere.  There’s a great energy to what’s happening in and around all of that, so I really am honored to be a part of it. Can you tell us what your favorites beers are and what you like about them? Unlike everyone I know, I’m not a big IPA guy.  I like pilsners and stouts and light-colored smoked beers.  


October 2015
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