Mash Tun #13 Release Party in Chicago

  Join us Sunday, April 7th from 1-4pm at the Marz taproom and kitchen for the release of issue #13 of Mash Tun Journal. It is guest edited along with Miguel Rivas, the Beer Trekker. This issue features guides to some breweries and beer bars around the world as well as artist Jacob Ciocci’s essay about the hazy beer craze, “Why Can’t I taste Beer Online yet?”. Jacob will be present during the release party to share his research into... Read More

Mash Tun Issue Issue 12

  The new issue of Mash Tun Journal is currently being distributed throughout the country. If your bar or taproom wants a bundle to distribute, give us a holler. Email  Read More

Dos and Don’ts: A Beer Buyer’s Decree to Consumers

By Clarence Boddicker Everyone approaches the world of craft beer differently. Most come at it from the customer’s point of view, and in last issue, we saw an interesting look from the perspective of the brewer.   How about a glance at beer from the off-premise world? I manage a beer store in suburban Chicago, and I thought it might be informative to throw some light on my world.   The best way to show you the day-to-day of my world is... Read More

Glen Ellyn’s Craft Beer Evangelist, Dave Hawley

    As owner of The Beer Cellar, a bottle shop in Glen Ellyn, IL, Dave Hawley is providing west suburban drinkers a modest but well-curated selection or craft beers. His insights into the beer industry are marked by the enthusiasm of a beer geek and the smarts of an entrepreneur. His beard is mighty. His heady, shiny. Dave Hawley, everyone.   Chicago’s beer scene is blowing up. Thoughts on its development and direction?   It’s... Read More


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